Are samsung tvs good quality?

Samsung TVs are usually a little brighter and have. Samsung TVs tend to be slightly brighter and have better contrast, while LG TVs generally have much wider viewing angles and have better smart features. While LG has more OLED, Samsung released its first QD-OLED that produces brighter colors than LG's OLED. The best Samsung TVs are at the top of the list of TVs in terms of construction, picture quality and features.

But it's worth keeping in mind that the best Samsung TV for you isn't always the most expensive model in the range, there's a lot more to choose from. Samsung TVs are extremely reliable and will last a long time if not used continuously. While at the higher end of the price spectrum, the durability and quality of Samsung TVs are unrivalled and they often last 6 to 8 years, making it ideal for everyday LG smart TVs. Let's take a closer look at those modes below.

Unlike the Samsung AU8000, this is a good TV overall, with excellent maximum brightness in SDR and decent reflection management, so it works well in a bright living room. The main selection was replaced by the Samsung S95B OLED and the Samsung QN90B QLED was moved to the “Best Mid-High Range” category. The Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K Mini LED TV offers impressive picture quality, exceptional color and brightness, fantastic sound and exceptional blacks in an attractive, super-slim package. Samsung's Tizen OS is also one of the best smart TV platforms, although some of us believe that the most recent changes to its user interface were a step backwards rather than moving forward.

Samsung's adventures with miniLEDs, microLEDs and QD-OLED are still relatively new, and we expect Samsung to continue to make more models with those technologies next year. Whether you're looking for the best Samsung smart TV or the best TV overall, you'll find great picture quality. Samsung has made an impressive TV for an equally impressive price, and while it doesn't match the brand's best models, it far exceeds its price. Even when comparing 4k TVs at similar price ranges, there are some that have better image quality than Samsung and are a few hundred dollars less expensive.

However, other companies have caught up with Samsung and offer similar overall performance, such as Roku TV or LG's WebOS, so Samsung's best smart TV isn't much better than other brands' smart TVs. The evolution of image quality achieved every year by researching innovative technologies is why consumers continue to choose and love Samsung and why it continues to be at the forefront of the television market. Like LG's webOS and Google TV on Sony TVs, Samsung TVs have an excellent selection of applications and the vast majority of streaming services are available. It's also compatible with Q Symphony, so you can connect a Samsung soundbar to your TV for surround sound that fills the entire room without spending a fortune.

And remember that no Samsung TV is compatible with Dolby Vision, but instead they opt for Samsung's own format, HDR10+. With LG and, to a lesser extent, Sony dominating the OLED market, it will be interesting to see how consumers receive the S95B, but it's exciting to see a Samsung OLED TV available.

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