Do you need internet for samsung tv plus?

Samsung TVs can be used without the Internet, but only like regular TVs, such as with cable subscriptions. Streaming platforms, app downloads, and other features that require a WIFI connection won't work. Unfortunately, Samsung TV Plus is strictly an Internet-only service for now. You may be wondering how you can use your Samsung TV without the Internet and what features you can continue to use if your Internet connection stops working.

If you have a Google Chromecast, you can use your phone or tablet that's connected to your mobile data plan and play programs on your Samsung TV. A few years ago, the company decided to launch Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming service for its televisions, smartphones and tablets. It has much more content than Samsung TV Plus, including content that isn't currently available on any other free service. In addition to being able to watch DVDs and other local content, you may be wondering how you can stream with your Samsung TV if you don't have Internet.

If you have a Samsung smart TV or mobile device, you actually have a lot more free streaming services that you can check out. Since most of the Samsung TV's streaming apps and features need WIFI, you might be wondering if you can use the TV without the Internet. This allows Samsung smart TV owners, along with their smartphone and tablet customers, a way to be entertained or informed for free.

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