How long is samsung tv warranty?

Samsung currently offers a standard 3-year limited warranty, but the warranty period may vary by country. The warranty period is 1 year after purchase to cover parts and labor. Any part found to be defective will be replaced or repaired during the warranty period. All Samsung TVs come with a one-year warranty period.

If you recently purchased your TV from an authorized store, that means it's still under warranty. The warranty will help you determine if this is a minor malfunction that needs attention or if the device is faulty. Samsung will be able to repair or replace it free of charge. As a general rule, the warranty for a new Samsung TV covers both parts and labor for one year.

If you need to repair or replace it, you can get an extended warranty for an additional cost. Samsung offers several types of extended protection plans. However, these plans are expensive and only cover one item, so it's best to choose a home warranty for major appliances. Here are some details about coverage and costs.

If you purchased your Samsung electronics from an authorized Samsung dealer or retailer, the limited warranty period begins on the date of purchase. In the case of home service, Samsung technicians will review your receipt, but they will not be able to disassemble the TV. Reading a Samsung TV repair warranty can be a lot like trying to read a complex legal agreement and, in many ways, it is. We have compiled warranty data for Samsung products to compile this brief summary of Samsung's warranties for modern televisions, such as smart TVs, LCD TVs, OLED televisions and QLED televisions, as well as for Samsung appliances, washing machines, refrigerators and appliances.

So, you found that your Samsung TV is still under warranty through the steps above and you need help.

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