Is samsung tv as good as sony?

Samsung TVs have an image quality comparable to that of Sony TVs and, in general, are quite competitive with each other. A big difference is that Samsung has better gaming performance, but if you don't need it, either brand is a good option. Both Samsung and Sony make excellent televisions. Each of these brands appears in our guide to the best TVs, as well as in our selection of the best gaming TVs and the best 4K TVs you can buy today.

First of all, in the premium TV market, OLED TVs and QLED televisions face each other regularly. Sony currently prefers the OLED, while Samsung defends the QLED. Secondly, Sony TVs usually use the Android TV operating system, while Samsung prefers its own platform, Tizen. Finally, rival brands support different forms of HDR: Sony partners with Dolby Vision, while Samsung defends its own HDR10+ format.

This would be much easier if we only compared the high-end models from both manufacturers. In these types of direct confrontations, we commend Sony for its extraordinary color accuracy, but we nod to Samsung for its higher-than-average levels of black and brightness. The thing is that the excellent black level achieved by the Q90A is due to the TV's advanced MicroLED dimming technology, which is not achieved with smaller models. And while Samsung's black levels tend to be very good from model to model, the difference between this one and Sony is much smaller without the microLED attenuation involved.

Overview of Samsung TVs, we made sure that our top priority was the image quality of the TV. Although Sony wins in terms of construction, Samsung undoubtedly offers higher image quality thanks to its richer and more realistic color contrast. The Samsung TV product overview was a difficult comparison right from the start, given that both top-tier brands have a wide selection and industry experience. However, Sony's line of televisions in all price ranges presents a much more diverse intelligent function.

It also offers reliable interfaces and advanced technologies that are sure to fit any modern home. You can put the TV in Art mode and use it to display any of the 1,400 works of art from the world's major museums, which are available with a modest subscription at the Samsung art store. Ultimately, if you want to enjoy the highest quality HDR content out there, it's worth considering your favorite streaming services before spending them on a Sony or Samsung TV. For now, you can buy a premium Sony or Samsung TV with the certainty that you'll enjoy a premium picture.

After spending many hours reviewing televisions in a dark room, we're in a good position to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Sony and Samsung TVs to you. However, these features are very premium, mainly for the 8K QLEDs for Samsung and the 4K OLED for Sony, and there is much less difference between the average 20W speakers of mid-range television brands. While Samsung may be a television titan, Sony hasn't lost its skills and, in recent years, its prices have dropped a bit. But if you have a Samsung smartphone or subscribe to Apple TV+, a Samsung TV could be the perfect addition to your living room.

From the use of different TV technologies in some models (OLED versus QLED) to different compatible HDR formats, voice assistants and intelligent functions, Sony and Samsung are leading their own path.

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