Is samsung tv plus really free?

Samsung TV Plus is 100% free. There's no need to pay another subscription: get live TV channels and movies and shows on demand for free. All the entertainment you want at no cost. Choose from more than 200 live TV channels and thousands of on-demand movies and shows, all for free.

Samsung TV Plus is an ad-supported video streaming service that is available on a wide variety of Samsung devices. It has much more content than Samsung TV Plus, including content that isn't currently available on any other free service. This allows Samsung smart TV owners, along with their smartphone and tablet customers, a way to be entertained or informed for free. A few years ago, the company decided to launch Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming service for its televisions, smartphones and tablets.

If you have a Samsung smart TV or mobile device, you actually have a lot more free streaming services that you can check out. Samsung states that TV Plus experienced a 100 percent growth in the number of consumer viewers over the past 12 months, with a transmission of 3 billion hours worldwide. Over the years, Samsung has significantly expanded the list of compatible devices and the markets available for TV Plus. Samsung TV Plus is expanding to include new programs in the United Kingdom, as well as in Sweden and the Netherlands.

And while Samsung already offers several local and national news channels, including ABC News Live, CBS News, NBC News Now, and more, Samsung says it plans to extend local and weather news coverage to more areas of the U.S. UU. Preparations for Halloween are underway and Samsung is adding more content to its TV Plus platform in the US. Samsung is bringing more content to TV Plus, its free, ad-supported streaming package that is integrated into a variety of Samsung devices and available on the web.

Over the past 12 months, Samsung TV Plus has experienced 100% growth in consumer audience, resulting in nearly 3 billion hours of streaming content worldwide. Samsung's free television service, Samsung TV Plus, has won multiple partnerships with influential producers to offer exclusive programs and channels to its users. Samsung even launched TV Plus on the web last year, making its free channels available to anyone who doesn't have a compatible Samsung device.

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