Is there a new samsung frame tv coming out?

While your TV will work flawlessly with the included remote control, you'll definitely want to download and connect the Samsung Smart Things app. In the box, in addition to the TV, there is a remote control, a wall mount and the Samsung One Connect box and cable. The previous version of Samsung Frame TV also had multiple views, but this version is a definite improvement in the way you interact with this feature, making it much easier to navigate. To take a step back and explain what Frame TV is and why you're watching it, this is a high-quality 4K TV that shows realistic gallery-level illustrations (Art mode) on the screen when the TV is not active.

With the new anti-glare glass and improved user experience, the Frame TV is the essential television for those looking to maintain an elegant space. Samsung doesn't yet offer the Peloton app, which means I had to add a separate streaming device to continue exercising with the TV.

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