What do samsung tv model numbers actually mean?

The three digits refer to 8K models, while the two digits refer to 4K models. There are several ways to search for the model number of a Samsung TV and find it. By decoding the model number, you can find out if your TV is original and not and other information such as the product identifier, the release code, the region of the TV, the screen size, the year of manufacture, the country of manufacture, the type of tuner, etc. It's obvious that, just like the serial number of your Samsung Galaxy device and your TV, the model number of your Samsung smart TV can reveal more information than you think.

Samsung TV Infographic (1970-201) The format of Samsung TV model numbers has changed significantly over the past 12 years, especially after the introduction of smart TVs. Before you can analyze or decode the model number to get information about your Samsung TV, let's see where you can find it. Let's say you want to update the software on your Samsung TV via USB, you'll need the correct model number to download it from the Samsung download page. You can find the model number of your television on the purchase receipt and on the white slip attached to the cardboard box in which your television was packaged.

However, there are two more places where you can look up the model number of your Samsung TV. Let's say the model number of your old Samsung TV (DLP, Plasma or LED) is UN55KU6300F. What does it tell you about your TV? Now, the model number not only reveals the country for which a television was manufactured, but also the country where it was assembled. So, if your TV doesn't have a quantum dot screen, you can decode its model number as explained below.

Now, take a look at these 2 model numbers. They belong to the variants of the same television, which is a Samsung Smart 4K UHD 65″ TV (201.As you can see, there are notable differences between them). The UA65NU8000KXXL is intended for India, while the UN65NU6900FXZA is the same television but is sold in the US. UU.

Now compare the model number below. Similarly, the second model number indicates that it belongs to an 85″ television. The 4-character model code (Q950) explains that this is an 8K television with a QLED screen. Anyway, let me explain things to you in more detail for the sake of clarity, since you can easily get the information from your Samsung QLED TV easily.

Samsung launched a new range of LED and QLED televisions called the LifeStyle series. There are 4 types: the Samsung LifeStyle series model number consists of 14 characters that can be divided into 9 groups. Samsung LifeStyle TV Information Table The Samsung LifeStyle TV series has a slightly different model number structure than the ones we checked above. This series has TVs from the LED and QLED line, and that's why their model numbers start with “U” for LED and “Q” for QLED.

Below are two examples of Samsung's The Frame TV model numbers. The first is intended for India and the other for the United Kingdom (Europe). Let's see how we can decode them to know the information on the Samsung TV. I hope you were able to decode the model number of your TV and obtained the Samsung TV information using my guide.

The model number also contains the model series of your television. The higher the value of the television series, the more refined and sophisticated it will be. So how to find the Samsung TV series based on the model number? As I described above, all Samsung TV model numbers have the screen size (3rd & 4th characters, that is,. Usually, the 4-5 characters that appear right after the screen size contain the Samsung TV series, such as Q60R, Q70T, Q950, Q800, Q900, Q700, LS03, KS9000, etc.

Sometimes there are situations where you need to know some information about your TV, but you can't Google your model. In this case, a quick review of the model number will suffice to gather quite a bit of information. Few people know that model numbers hide almost all the information about your TV. You can find out the year your TV model was launched, the screen technology, the target market, the screen size and much more.

Model numbers are basically the manufacturer code assigned to your Samsung TV. It is used to identify you precisely. This number contains the exact information for the region in which it was produced, the year in which the television model was developed, the type and size of the screen, the model number and its digital tuners, as well as the model number that indicates which series your television belongs to. In addition, by looking at the model number, you can understand what year the TV was manufactured and how the number changed during that time.

It is assigned to each TV and is made in such a way that you can fully know all the information about your TV just by looking at the number. The basic and most widespread types of Samsung TVs are Full HD and UHD televisions. To be fair, understanding the UHD and Full HD model numbers will give you an almost complete understanding of how Samsung TV model numbers work for all other series and lines. In addition, Samsung configures the full range of TV tuners on its televisions, so there is no need to designate them with a separate symbol.

Here's how to understand the Samsung TV model number of a Full HD or UHD TV. A complete list of decoding model numbers can be found at the end of the article. The second letter indicates the region where the model is sold. XRU means that the TV is for sale in Russia, and XY means that it will be sold or sold in Australia, etc.

Later, Samsung began to equip its televisions with only two types of matrices: LED and QLED. They also started putting in a full set of tuners. Therefore, this brand is no longer used. A separate LifeStyle category has been created for televisions with a non-optional design and special features.

At first, these TVs were designated slightly differently. The designation of the model numbers of LifeStyle televisions corresponds to the designation of LED and QLED televisions. Only the code that designates the LifeStyle (LS) series is added, as well as the designation of the type of television. It comes right after the screen size in inches.

All modern models of Samsung TVs use a matrix on liquid crystals (LCD) as a screen; the backlighting of the matrix and the quality of the matrix are different. That's why there are U models and Q TVs. The second letter indicates where the TV will be sold. Below, in the model number, there are two numbers that show the diagonal size of the screen in inches (1 inch%3D 2.54 cm).

The following symbols indicate the Samsung TV series and subseries. Next, on the mark, there is a letter indicating the year of manufacture. The following will indicate the generation of your television. There may be one or two letters after that.

According to the company, these letters do not contain any information for consumers. Depending on how old or new your Samsung TV is, your model number can range from 11 to 14 characters, consisting of both the alphabet and numbers. The format of Samsung TV model numbers has changed significantly over the past 12 years, especially after the introduction of smart TVs. Websites tend to create confusion regarding the descriptions of Samsung TV models, especially model series.

As you can see below, these 11 characters of the model number can be further classified into 9 groups for key information about a Samsung TV. Because video technology has evolved into various screen types and resolutions, Samsung has added the code “U” to the beginning of the model number to represent an LED television. Those types of televisions were excluded, mainly because they are limited models that do not fit into a particular scheme of Samsung TV models. Understanding how Samsung TV model numbers work can help you learn more about your own television or other models that may interest you.

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