What is the difference between samsung tv model numbers?

The exact specifications of each series will vary depending on the model, but generally the higher the series, the higher the specifications of that model. A letter can be added after the model year to indicate a difference in the models. What does the Samsung TV model number mean? — This is a manufacturer code assigned to your television and is used to identify you. The model number contains information about the region for which the television was manufactured, the year in which the television model was developed and sold, the type of screen, the model number and the type of digital tuner, and which series the television belongs to.

Within the model number, each character has a very specific purpose. Samsung TV models reveal a lot about their device, such as the screen size, resolution, model, region of manufacture, and even the year it was released. Before you can fully understand the model number of your Samsung TV, you need to figure out what the number is. For example, the Samsung serial number on your television will be different from the serial numbers of all other televisions that Samsung has produced.

In recent years, they have expanded their Samsung Smart TV line to accommodate a wider range of users. Because video technology has evolved into various screen types and resolutions, Samsung has added the code “U” to the beginning of the model number to represent an LED television. Now that you have an “introductory idea” of how Samsung creates its TV model numbers, here are the details. Websites tend to create confusion with respect to the descriptions of Samsung TV models, especially the model series.

In addition, Samsung usually indicates in the information sheet and on the packaging box in which country the TV was manufactured. Simply connect the Roku device with the HDMI cable it came with and connect the Roku to a wall outlet, not to the TV (since connecting it to the TV will end up damaging your TV), that model has a problem with faulty capacitors and you'll end up exploding your capacitors. It happens to me, it can be fixed, but don't try it unless you know what you're doing). Those types of televisions were excluded, mainly because they are limited models that do not fit into a particular Samsung TV model scheme.

Understanding how Samsung TV model numbers work can help you learn more about your own television or other models that may interest you.

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