When samsung tv won't turn on?

Leave the TV unplugged for 30 seconds, and when you plug it back in, plug it directly into a power outlet that you know is working properly. If that didn't work, try another plug. If the red standby light comes on, it means that the TV is receiving power and will probably turn on correctly. One useful thing about the Samsung TV is that it has different red light patterns to help you determine what the problem is with your TV.

Remove your hand from the button, reconnect the TV and wait for the Samsung TV to turn on after the restart. How can I make my Samsung TV turn on and off only connected to cable box number un40fh6030f? If your Samsung TV doesn't turn on and doesn't show a red light, start by checking the power outlet that the TV is connected to to see if there are any problems. If your Samsung TV is connected to a power source and won't turn on, try checking the power cable for damage. In the event that you need to reset your Samsung TV because it won't turn on, you just have to perform a factory reset.

If the Samsung TV is turned on and the screen is blank, try pressing any of the buttons on the TV remote control, as the TV may have gone to sleep mode. On the other hand, if your Samsung TV doesn't react when you press any button, you may have some power issues. Unfortunately, not everyone who experiences a black Samsung TV screen has any of the devices mentioned. On the other hand, if you can't turn on your Samsung TV by pressing the “Power” button, you may need to contact the Samsung Support Center.

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