Which samsung tv should i buy?

Samsung NU7100 TV · Samsung NU8000 TV Review · Samsung MU6300 TV. Add Samsung's usual gaming features and streaming intelligence, plus a truly gorgeous design, and you've got a TV worth considering, regardless of whether native 8K content ever materializes. A 55-inch screen hits that sweet spot that makes your living room or home theater feel immersive without overwhelming your space, and the Samsung Q60B takes it even further by offering you all the features you expect from a smart TV. However, other companies have caught up with Samsung and offer similar overall performance, such as Roku TV or LG's WebOS, so Samsung's best smart TV isn't much better than other brands' smart TVs.

Unlike the Samsung AU8000, this is a good TV overall, with excellent maximum brightness in SDR and decent reflection management, so it works well in a bright living room. The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED is a dazzling premium TV whose impressive brightness allows it to operate at a high level in bright rooms. The design features an impressive edge-to-edge glass panel and Samsung's brilliant One Connect case, meaning you'll only need a small cable between the TV and the box with all your HDMI's. Like most manufacturers of branded televisions, Samsung has a handful of its own terminology that the company uses to outline certain features, improvements and extras.

The QN85B isn't necessarily a step below its cousin, but it's a slightly more affordable option for a premium Samsung TV. If you want to save money on the purchase of your Samsung TV, you can now find significant savings on the 55-inch QN85B TVs. Many Samsung TVs also offer MultiView and Tap View functions, which allow you to view multiple video sources simultaneously and share multimedia content instantly from your smartphone or tablet by touching them with the TV. Whether you're looking for the best Samsung smart TV or the best TV overall, you'll find great picture quality.

Like LG's webOS and Google TV on Sony TVs, Samsung TVs have an excellent selection of applications and the vast majority of streaming services are available. It's 4K, naturally, HDR formats are well served (with the exception of Dolby Vision, which no Samsung supports) and supports the automatic low latency mode, which switches the TV to game mode when it detects a game signal. Samsung TVs with OneConnect or OneConnect miniboxes have externalized motherboards and AV ports that connect to the TV via a single cable, with the goal of reducing the clutter of incoming cables and simplifying the configuration of the home theater system. So if you like the idea of immersing yourself in a new TV technology, the Samsung QN65S95B is worth considering.

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