Which version of samsung tv is best?

The Samsung S95B OLED is the best Samsung TV we've ever tested. Read the full review of the Samsung QN900B Neo QLED 8K TV This is a particularly good option for gamers, thanks to the compatibility with HDMI 2.1 on all its HDMI ports and the fact that there are six speakers inside to offer you reasonable spatial audio if you don't have one of the best soundbars. Our list of the best Samsung TVs includes all of the QLED 4K models we reviewed last year. By far the best option is the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV from the Editor's Choice brand.

The set's MiniLED backlighting offers unparalleled image brightness, while a host of intelligent features and a new eco-friendly remote control complete the premium experience. With an impressive one-inch thick design, it's also one of the most attractive outfits you can buy. Samsung's QN90A Neo QLED TV combines Samsung's refined quantum dot technology with strict mini-LED backlight control, resulting in one of the best TV screens you've ever seen. Brilliant colors and unparalleled brightness offer excellent performance, and Samsung combines it with a host of smart TV features and genuinely intelligent features, such as a solar-powered remote control that eliminates the need to change batteries and, at the same time, offers an eco-friendly design and unsurpassed convenience.

It's all included in a gorgeous 1-inch thick design that contains a huge variety of intelligent features, powerful Dolby Atmos sound and some of the best performance we've ever seen. HDMI 2.1 connectivity comes standard, along with easy-to-use features for gamers and an impressive 12.6 millisecond delay time for an unparalleled gaming experience. It's easily one of the best 4K TVs you can buy, and Samsung's reminder to the entire television industry of who makes the best QLED TV. Read our full review of the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV.

Our favorite Samsung TV is the Q80T QLED. With the excellent color quality and HDR performance offered by QLED, it's a great looking TV, but it also offers impressive object-tracking sound, a powerful quantum processor and intelligent, intelligent features. In addition to Samsung's Bixby voice assistant, the TV has built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, along with a wide selection of applications and content. Read our full review of Samsung The Frame (202).

For the best picture, we recommend that you purchase a set that supports high dynamic range (HDR). HDR10 is the basic standard, while Dolby Vision is a larger caliber format. However, Samsung TVs use the HDR10+ format from Samsung's competition, instead of Dolby Vision. It's a bit regrettable, considering that Dolby Vision is much more popular, but HDR10+ is playing catch-up.

Port selection is another important concern. More HDMI ports will allow you to connect more devices, such as game consoles and satellite boxes, and you'll need HDMI2.1 to get the latest features. If you have a soundbar, look for an HDMI port with eARC, as it will give you access to the most advanced audio formats. QLED describes quantum dot-based LEDs, a technology that Samsung pioneered.

Quantum dots are nanoscale ultrafine semiconductors that emit different colors of light depending on the size of the particles. These particles can emit colors at such precise levels that result in incredible image quality. Samsung's QLED televisions are therefore good for any type of lighting, both in dark and bright rooms. Samsung's QLED range of TVs includes 8K and 4K resolutions and covers a wide variety of different sizes.

Learn more about what a QLED TV and Quantum Dot technology are in our guide. And it makes an immediate difference, because this is the best 4K image quality Samsung has achieved so far. Its next-generation processing also helps, as does the enormous level of HDR brightness it can achieve. In our full review of the Samsung QN95B, we said: “The level of clarity is realistic beyond reason and the HDR performance is dazzling, literally, in some cases.

And the design is also beautiful: incredibly thin and with bezels that are basically not there, so the image seems to float on the support. Here's our full review of the Samsung QN900A. Lacking next-generation Neo QLED technology, it's obviously not as capable as the QN85A for incredibly precise contrast control, but it's also massively cheaper than its sleeker sibling, and compared to the other sets you'll find at the same size and the same price, the Q80A is an absolute winner. Everything about it is clearly premium, from its design to its images and its smart TV platform: we think it runs the line between the cheapest Samsung models and the most expensive, incredibly well.

And you still have support for games with HDMI 2.1.In our review of the Samsung Q70A, we said that its image quality is excellent, its ultra-thin design is elegant and, unexpectedly, it is well equipped with features for its money. Its performance in dark scenes is a significant step backwards compared to the Q80A (let alone the Neo QLED models), but for its price, it offers very impressive images. Neo QLED is Samsung's name for a panel that combines next-generation mini-LED backlighting with its QLED technology for colors. MiniLEDs are, as the name suggests, a much smaller LED light behind pixels, allowing screens to be bright but also thinner, and allowing areas of the backlight to be dimmed more precisely for truer levels of black.

QLED is a long-standing technology for expanding the color gamut of LCD televisions. It's made up of “quantum dots” and you'll only see a few companies use the name QLED (because it's a registered trademark), but most TV manufacturers use equivalent technology for high-end models. Designed to look like a photo frame, this award-winning range of TVs is a true example of how Samsung Lifestyle TVs will complement everyday life, depending on your preferences. Here are the usual disadvantages of Samsung: the lack of Dolby Vision HDR, the redesigned Tizen Smart TV interface that is a little more annoying than its predecessor, the choice of a reduced solar remote control or a really horrible plastic one that has all the functions, but this is a very fast, responsive and bright TV that is great for viewing in daylight, making it a great option for gaming, doing sports or just to watch on social networks.

It also offers most of Samsung's excellent smart TV capabilities, including voice interaction with Bixby, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as the entire ecosystem of applications and control functions compatible with the smart home. Sometimes these categories can overlap, for example, the 65-inch Samsung Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV falls within the 8K range, the Neo QLED range and the Smart TV range, as this bestseller includes many of the latest features. Samsung offers a wide variety of ranges of televisions that cover a wide range of functions, in all shapes and sizes. Like other Samsung sets, there's no support for Dolby Vision, but the Q80T manages to match the best aspects of Samsung's most premium 4K set (it has everything that the more expensive Samsung Q90T QLED has, except the standalone OneConnect Box for ports), but it saves you a couple of hundred dollars without sacrificing the high quality of Samsung's best 4K sets.

The inclusion of the Samsung Crystal 4K processor sets this range of Samsung Crystal UHD televisions apart with an amazing ability to improve content to vivid 4K, in addition to perfectly balancing sound. Samsung The Terrace is the first outdoor TV from the world's largest TV manufacturer, and it's not just a weatherproof screen that won't break if you watch soccer in the rain. Samsung has made an impressive TV for an equally impressive price, and while it doesn't match the brand's best models, it far exceeds its price. Samsung Sero TV is the world's first swivel TV that allows you to view content in both horizontal and vertical formats.

You can find some tips for finding the right size TV for your home and more detailed explanations of the latest TV features in the Samsung TV Buying Guide. Many Samsung TV ranges, such as Lifestyle TVs, offer 4K quality as standard, although they are often classified by their main unique features, such as The Sero's swivel screen. . .

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